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Virtual Online Learning

Virtual Online Learning


Our Virtual Online Learning platform offers robust educational opportunities and engaging activities for students in grades K-12.  Developed with student success in mind our programs provide the flexibility that can be tailored to accommodate any level of access to technology, fit individual family schedules, and work within school/district scheduling and financial needs.

Virtual Online Learning Designed with Students and Parents in Mind


We provide students and their families with comprehensive tutor-guided support with instruction optimized for virtual online learning and have been designed with the student and parents in mind.  Tutors employ explicit instruction strategies that are direct, that model expectation and provide students with independent practice.


In our virtual online environment, students can take advantage of available technology by utilizing programs like Google Classroom, Google Meet, Zoom, and other learning management platforms to facilitate learning.  Students enrolled in our virtual-online program can participate in up to two or more hours of online learning, depending on grade level.


We provide a supported learning environment through scaffolded instruction and guided practice that increases self-confidence and the motivation to learn.


Our Virtual Online Program includes:


Mathematics Development

Students develop skills in concepts and operations to problem-solving, data collection, real world math, pre-algebra, and algebra.

Literacy Development


Students develop grade level skills and master skills in phonological awareness, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.

Enrichment Opportunities

Engage students in STEM-based activities, competitions, and project-based learning to expand critical thinking skills.

Family Support

Ensures students and families are supported through a supervised learning environment with tutor-guided support.