"I want to thank you for all, you and the team at Academic Support, is doing for my son and myself. It is hard out here and we have made some serious sacrifices to be able to afford to tutor and you all have made it worthwhile. As I continue to watch my child grow right before my eyes, I am pleased he is with a group like you all to help with his progress."


Chaunte' Banks, B.S., MBA

Outdoors Tutoring

"My son has made so much progress at the Academic Support and Resource Center.  I can't thank you enough.  His confidence has increased not to mention his grades.  When I came to the center he was facing retention, but now he is working on grade level and exceeding my expectations."

Parent of a 3rd Grader

Little Girl

"Words cannot express the thanks that my family has for the Academic Support and Resource center and the certified teacher who has been working with our son for almost a year now.  As parents, we entrusted one of our greatest blessings to the Academic Support and Resource center, and we are very grateful for the powerful enrichment, learning strategies, and guidance he has received thus far. The tutor at ASRCA has been a blessing and very instrumental with improving our son’s academic achievements goals. When our son arrived at the learning center, he was reading on a kindergarten level in the second grade, with a retention letter. She along with the Center Director accepted the challenge to not only bring our son up to grade level but also to have him ready to be tested by the end of the summer so that he will be placed in the third grade.



Our son, 11 months later is in the third grade with all A’s and two B’s. We considered him as being very blessed to have an awesome tutor who understands his challenges and handles him with grace. He has learned so much and continues to show growth and improvement with his academics and is currently still a student at the center, preparing for his GMAS testing.  The Tutor is fantastic! Her strategies and instructional techniques simply work. Her content area strategies are awesome and engaging whether she is providing remediation or acceleration. She provides the how and whys of effective instruction while providing the support needed for his learning. With gratitude and a heartfelt thank you from my son and the entire family!"

The Neaves Family