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The purpose of the Teachers Help Network is to provide teachers and other educators an opportunity for educational networking to reach out and connect with other teachers, in their building, in your district, through social media, or on a national level.

Teachers no longer have to go it alone, especially during these unprecedented times of uncertainly as a result of COVID-19.   When you collaborate with other teachers and educators going through the same thing it is good to know that help is available.

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Metro area school reopening planS

sBA Loan Disaster Relief application

for small businesses


request an absentee ballot

WHEN AN EMPLOYEE IS SCARED TO return to WORK during a pandemic

FAQ Regarding COVID-19 and teacher retirement


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Teachers Help Network occasionally works with companies, nonprofits, and brands who support our mission of encouraging and inspiring teachers and other educators. These sponsorships help us to provide valuable resources that help teachers.  Thank you for supporting the companies that support the Teachers Help Network.

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Collaborate with other teachers and educators.


Engage with Professional Learning Communities.


Get out of your classroom and meet other teachers and educators.


Spark Partnerships.


Make new connections through social media.


Discuss topics related to education and the law.


Provides a forum to discuss current issues

Many of these resources listed below are available, however some are still under construction, click on the resource below to learn more.  If a link is not working now, check back later.



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