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Virtual Supervised Learning Support

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Virtual Supervised Learning Support Program

Are you scrambling and stressed to find high-quality extended child care support for your child when school reopens?

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic as working parents, you have been juggling a lot, since many schools closed mid-year.  You have been responsible for working at home, homeschooling, childcare, and so much more.


Looking ahead to school reopening, especially with social distancing remaining in effect, you are going to have to make some tough choices about how to balance working providing educational support, and watching your children at home.


Even when schools reopen in the fall, they may not be open every day for every child.  As a result, some schools have made preliminary plans to open utilizing a blended instructional model, where students attend school on rotation days and engage in virtual learning the other days.


We know as parents you are also concerned about the safety of sending your child to school during a pandemic.  Hence, the reason some parents are choosing to homeschool their children.


We are here to support you! 


Our goal is to empower parents to make informed decisions, regarding your child's educational journey.  We offer flexibility and educational support to help alleviate the burden on working parents in trying to find quality childcare for your children.

Supervised Learning Support  Innovative Solutions Designed with Parents and Students in Mind!
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Parents, we are here to SUPPORT you, whether your child is learning at home or at school on remote learning days.  For more information call 770-655-6440.
What is Virtual Supervised Learning Support? 

Virtual Supervised Learning Support is an innovative resource service that provides supervised learning support and direct instruction environment for students in grades K-8.  We provide support to parents and other caregivers who need and want high-quality extended educational childcare support.  Support is provided to parents whether a child is learning at home or at school on virtual learning days and on days when students are not able to return to school.  Support is provided both face-to-face (at our Center) and virtual on line.  We support student learning through:

  • Our academic coaches work with students' individual curriculum.
  • Work with the student's teacher and reteach any concepts that the student needs reinforcement.

  • We work on any deficits and/or acceleration so students can catch up, keep up or move ahead.

  • Homework Help

  • Help with Project-Based Learning projects.

  • Provide direct instruction and tutoring as needed.


How do I sign up?
During COVID-19 we have a limited capacity each day.  This enables us to have enough social distancing space and time to properly sanitize community spaces between sessions.
1.  Complete and submit the Registration Form.
2.  Once your registration form and payment have been received, you will be notified by email regarding availability.
3.  Schedule your Virtual Supervised Learning Support and Direct Instruction time.  Our hours of operation are during the regular school day and after school.  Students participating in virtual online learning offered by the school system can be scheduled throughout the school day and may come in for a few hours or the entire day.  The schedule is customized to meet the student and parent needs.  Review the available sessions to determine which session will best meet the needs of you and your child.  Don't see a session or plan that will meet your needs,  let's talk about it to see if we can come up with one to make it work for you.
Choose the Virtual Supervised Learning Support plan 
that meets your child's individual needs!


3 Days a Week

This virtual supervised learning support plan supports students 3 days a week face to face at our facility.  Parents can choose either the AM or PM session.

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4 Days a Week

This virtual supervised learning support plan supports students 4 days a week face to face at our facility.  Parents can choose either the AM or PM session.

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5 Days a Week

This virtual supervised learning support and direct instruction plan is for 5 days a week and includes both virtually online and face to face support.

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Finding high-quality supervised educational childcare support should not be a struggle.  That’s why at Academic Support and Resource Center we reimagined our services and created our Innovative Supervised Learning Support Solutions - Designed to provide parents with child care educational solutions when needed. 

"The best way to predict the future is to create it" - Peter Drucker