Tutor-Guided Support for Parents: An Alternative to Coronavirus Homeschooling

“School is closed (although it is March) due to the coronavirus.”

“School has closed for the remainder of the school year (Now it is April)”

“You will now have to homeschool your child until we figure this situation out (it’s March)”

“Your child has to log in to complete reading and math assignments (that have not been taught to them yet)”

“Your kindergarten child has a zoom meeting scheduled at………….. That will last 3 hours”

“Your child has missed over 10 assignments in the Google classroom” (where is the Goggle classroom located?)

“We offer support for your special needs child but it is online.”

“We understand that you do not have WI-FI, but the local restaurant has a hotspot (restaurant is closed also)”

Can you imagine the stress and panic felt by many parents as they heard these words and were told, that they were now responsible along with the child’s teacher for ensuring that their child would successfully complete the school year?

Not only were parents panicking, but teachers were also panicking as well.

Already feeling stressed and the uncertainty regarding the COVID-19, teachers and parents across the country have been forced to quickly, (with no warning or advanced planning) navigate the online platform after the abrupt closing and stay at home orders issued by many states. When the stay at home order was issued, many schools were still in session and teachers had to abandon the classroom quickly, with just a few days notice to go online. Prior to the abrupt school closing some teachers were already using an online platform and quickly adapted to the new normal. However, there were other teachers, who had no idea where to start, there was confusion as to how and what to teach and with little or no guidance from administrators and district leaders on how to properly navigate the online platform.

As a result, parents were forced to step in and homeschool their children without the proper tools and guidance to complete the task. As with teachers, many parents were successful and rose to the occasion. However, there were also several parents who faced difficulties, as they were essential workers who were unable to support their child, often leaving this task to grandparents, other caregivers and/or siblings in the home. Consequently, with schools closed for the summer, parents, teachers and school districts not only have to deal with the summer slide, now they have to deal with achievement gaps that have widen as a result of COVID-19.

The good news is that the Academic Support and Resource Center is here to help students’ catch up, keep up and work ahead by providing tutor-guided learning. We are your alternative to homeschooling forced by the coronavirus. Our tutor-guided learning is learning that is supported by a dedicated tutor who is an expert in the subject area. We provide supplemental learning support to students in grades K-12 who need additional support and those who are experiencing achievement gaps prior to and as a result of COVID-19. Research has shown that tutors-guided learning that is individualized instruction significantly improves student’s pedagogical and motivational outcomes (Merrill, D; Merrill, S.; Reisner, B; & Landers, S. 1995).

Under the guidance of an experienced tutor, students work together to develop understanding of key academic concepts. Our tutors guides students through new concepts and provides them with the resources they need by preparing them to become independent/autonomous learners.

Through tutor-guided instruction our tutors collaborate with teachers and specialists to meet student’s unique learning needs, employing innovative whole-brain methods and multi-sensory techniques specially tailored to children with learning differences.

Realizing that we can’t replace educators and/or parents and the central role that they play in cultivating students’ academic and behavioral skills. Our tutor-guided support can provide parents with the needed support and human component for students enrolled in virtual online schooling.

Through a blend of tutor-guided instruction, independent practice, data driven instruction, and detailed reporting, Academic Support and Resource Center delivers technology-enabled resources that meets the needs of all learners. Our programs provide the bridge between home and school. We deliver academic support and administer one on one academic tutoring and mentoring to improve reading, writing and mathematic levels, increase confidence in all subject areas and strengthen independent learning skills that transfers to school success.

Research has shown that one-on-one tutoring has proven to be the most effective form of instruction, resulting in student mastery of academic concepts at a much greater level. We offer a personalized learning approach which includes high-quality tutoring that boost student achievement by building and strengthening afterschool and summer learning opportunities.

We are OPEN and ready to serve your students’ needs. We are your alternative to homeschooling and offer a blended learning environment that includes both face-to-face and online virtual learning. Scholarships available. Schedule your FREE tutor-guided consultation today. Free tutoring session grades K-5 for the first 10 parents to contact us. Call 770-655-6440 or visit our website at academicsupportatl.com for additional information.

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