7 Things Parents Should Do To Prepare Students for School Reopening

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

School districts have begun to make preliminary plans to return to school in the fall while there is still uncertainty as to what that will actually look like to keep students, staff and other administrators safe. Some school districts are considering a “blended learning” environment which includes a part-time return to the classroom. This includes alternating groups of students into “A” (Monday and Thursday) and “B” ( Tuesday and Wednesday) days, with all students participating in virtual learning days at home on Friday. Other school districts are considering small class sizes to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed. There are even options to extend the school day and/or to start the school year earlier.

Although these plans have not been finalized, each would mean a drastic shift in scheduling, planning and standard operating procedures for students, teachers, counselors, and administrators. There will not be a return to “business as usual”. However, with school choice and homeschooling as options, parents still have choices in how to educate their children. No matter the choice, there are certain things children need to know as they get ready to return to school in the fall.

Following are SEVEN things parents should do to prepare students for school reopening:

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