Literacy at Home: Information for Parent/Caregiver

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The ability to read – and enjoy reading – is a lifelong journey that begins well before a child shows signs of reading and comprehension struggles.  Hence, the reason why it is important that parents and caregivers spend some time each day reading to or with their child to encourage a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

Suggestions for reading with your child:

  • be sure to make it a warm, positive interaction

  • select books that your child is interested in – give them choices in what to read

  • read and re-read books your child is interested in

  • respond to your child’s reading with enthusiasm and praise for a job well done.

  • correct your child’s mistakes in a positive and constructive way.

  • ask questions about what was read and have your child answer them

  • make predictions of what your child thinks they will be reading about by doing a book look (looking at the title, pictures, headings, etc.)

  • while reading allow your child to make connections to life experiences (e.g., “That reminds me of when…”).

  • visualize (form mental pictures) while reading

  • have your child retell the story back to you

As part of our commitment to support literacy in our community the ASRCA seeks to build community capacity by supporting and facilitating early language development in young children through our summer reading program, educator training, parent workshops, and family and community resources.

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