Happy Children

 Our Program Services  

We build capacity and long-term sustainability through:

Supervised Learning Support

  • An innovative resource service that provides a supervised learning support environment for students in grades K-8. 

  • We provide support to parents and other caregivers who need and want high-quality extended educational childcare support. 

  • Support is provided to parents whether a child is learning at home or at school on virtual learning days and on days when students are not able to return to school. 

  • Support is provided both face-to-face (at our Center) and virtual on line.

Supplemental Learning Support Services

  • We provide intensive one -on-one accelerated and explicit intervention and support in all subject areas, especially reading and math.

  • Our intervention strategies target students at risk and provide specialized instructional support services, mentoring and coaching services and other strategies to improve students' skills outside the academic subject areas.

  • We provide supplemental learning support services for all students (with guided tutor support), especially students who need intervention and remediation and those served with an IEP or 504 Plan. 

Homeschool Support and Academic Coaching

  • We provide alternative learning options to students staying at home during traditional home schooling. It is a hybrid (a blended program that combines online learning with elements of the traditional school) center – a brick and mortar physical facility that provides a safe, positive, monitored and structured environment for academic success.


After school and Virtual Summer School

  • Improve academic achievement

  • Close learning gaps

  • Promote student interest and engagement

  • Research-supported interventions with proven results

  • We offer students a blended summer school format, which includes both face-to-face and virtual online learning in reading and math.


Homework  Help and Support

  • Our expert tutors are available to offer homework help in over 60 subjects. Whether tutoring is one time or over several sessions, our tutors are carefully vetted in the industry and possess subject matter expertise and pedagogical capability.

  • We connect out of school learning opportunities to in school learning in order to support children's math and reading literacy achievement.

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