Academic Tutoring  

Research has consistently shown that tutoring programs can effectively improve students’ reading and math skills. (Wasik & Slavin, 1993). Our content specific tutoring is available to help students grow confidently, and academically. Whether you want your child to accelerate growth to grade level, strengthen academic understandings, or even advance your already “gifted” advanced learner.  Our tutoring services are individualized, intensive, and intentional instruction geared to meet the individualized need of each student.


Our tutors are available both face-to-face and on line.  We serve students of all ages, pre-kindergarten through adult.  Tutoring is available in all core subjects – reading, mathematics, science, history – as well as study skills, standardized test prep, assessment testing such as ACT and SAT.  All tutoring sessions are scheduled at the student’s convenience to provide the student with consistent weekly tutorial sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Subject and Grades do you tutor?

We serve students in all subjects and in grades K-12; from elementary school math or college-level economics.  Our tutors even help with homework offering personalized assistance designed to move students towards their goals. Our certified and experienced tutors cover all the subjects areas, from elementary grades all the way through grad school.  We provide personalized tutoring for all subjects and grade levels.


Do you provide tutoring for Standardized Testing?

We provide test prep tutoring for SAT, ACT, ASVAB, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, CBEST, CSET, TEAS, PSAT, STAR, SSAT, ISEE and many other tests! Our tutors provide specialized personal attention for test prep for student success and to build test-taking skills.


My child has an IEP, do you serve students with special needs?

We have experienced tutors for all subjects and grade levels.  We serve students with an IEP and will provide individualized instruction to meet their needs.  Our experienced tutors have experience in delivering differentiated instruction specific to students with special needs.  Our goal is for every student to be successful no matter the current ability.


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