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Academic Support and Resource Center is an educational service center and provider of direct student services; which includes supplemental learning services, academic tutoring, enrichment program provider, educational evaluations, homeschool support, and mentoring and coaching.


We are committed to providing academic support, building capacity, and long-term sustainability through:










We encompass a broad array of educational services that include virtual supervised learning support, academic coaching, tutoring, test prep, summer learning experiences, afterschool programs and workshops, and learning opportunities for students, parents, and educators. 


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have reimagined your tutoring experience.  Now students can learn online both at home (with guided tutor support) and face to face through our blended one on one and small group personalized learning enrichment program.

Homeschool Support and Academic Coaching

Supervised Learning Support Services

Virtual Online Summer School
"Be the change you want to see in the world!"  - Ghandi

Sheila Lamar Walden, PhD,

President and CEO

As a retired educator, with over 34+ years in education, Dr. Walden, the president and CEO of the Academic Support and Resource Center saw a growing need for academic support services for students who were struggling with reading and math and who needed assistance outside the classroom.  With governmental budget cuts and larger classroom sizes, Dr. Walden, now on the outside looking in, saw a greater need for private one on one explicit, individualized tutoring. Realizing that one size does not fit all she sought to develop personalized tutoring programs that met students' needs and to give them the additional support, the advantage they deserved and to “be the change she wanted to see in the world”.


Dr. Walden is a certified, teacher, academic coach, educational consultant, conference facilitator, and author who works with students, teachers and administrators serving students in K-12.  Her experience in education spans regular education, special education, and gifted as well as teaching in higher education as an adjunct instructor.

In her capacity as the President and CEO she oversees the overall management, operations and staff of the Center and is responsible for setting program goals, priorities, and developing new education projects.   Dr. Walden also provides mentoring, and coaching  services to students and their families that seeks to improve operational performance and efficiency.

Dr. Walden earned her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Special Education from George Washington University in D.C.   Prior to opening the Center she was a gifted resource teacher, trainer, and part of the school’s leadership team in Clayton County Public Schools where she taught for 18 years and was named  “Teacher of the Year” in 2013.

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